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Needles, 911, and a wake-up call

Last Wednesday night, our evening worship was brought to a grinding halt by a medical emergency, and I had a powerful encounter with Jesus—although I didn’t know it at the time. Continue reading

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Pentecost: have we missed the point?

We like to say that Pentecost is the birthday of the church? But what if we missed the point? What if Pentecost is not a celebration of our own existence? Continue reading

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Black Friday

The tradition of Black Friday shopping seems to me to be highlighting consumerism over ALL else. This gives me pause for a few reasons, and I’m curious if other people are thinking this way… Continue reading

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Camp-fires and Martyrs

For many, the word ‘Christian’ is synonymous with the negative aspects of religion and self-righteousness. Because of this, I wonder if we have developed a habit of attempting to define our faith without the use of this important label. Continue reading

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Against Violence: An open letter to everyone.

I have just read about the violence committed against T.V. Food celebrity Nigella Lawson at the hands of her husband, Charles Saatchi. I am sick, and I’m angry. These stories seem to be too prevalent in our world; yet no matter how times media turns its attention to such things, you always know there are countless cases that go unspoken. Continue reading

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Digital Faithfulness

Now, some may see that faithful online presence necessitates the endless quoting of Bible verses and praise-songs. But is that solely what it means to have a Christian presence online? Is our Christian presence simply limited to the times where we post some religious shtick? Continue reading

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The signs of our Church

Critically engaging in these signs may seem a little nitpicky, but shouldn’t it concern us if there is a basic misrepresentation of the Gospel?
Continue reading

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Preparing to Witness

Margaret Thatcher, who died this week, once said that she was nervous every time she gave a speech, especially in the House of Commons. According to a 2001 Gallup Poll, she shares that anxiety with 40% of the population as public speaking is the #2 among Top Ten Fears polled. What are some steps those who agree to witness on stewardship topics can take to reduce the apparent stress public speaking causes? Continue reading

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The silliness of our arguments

When we view the other side of theological spectrum, the other style in worship musicality, or the other person in ministry as a mere obstacle to get around, we are essentially saying “I don’t need you.” When both sides fail to listen and love the other then the church can go no where. Continue reading

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The Reality of Witness

I was looking forward to seeing how a seminary student would handle the murky morality of Reality TV. How would his or her faith be presented in this show? More specifically, how would someone, presumably in their formative years of life, express their devotion to God and their call to ministry as they schemed, strategized, and battled their way towards one millions dollars?
Continue reading

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