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Chickpeas & the management of impressions

I keep chickpeas on my shelf to serve as a reminder that I need to continually put down my desire for approval, for accolades, for acceptance. It reminds me that my identity is to be based on who I am as a child of God. Continue reading

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Is anyone listening?

The world’s voice can be oh so loud, yet even in the midst of it God calls out to us. His voice can be heard. God invites us to prepare a place for Him in the deep centre of our lives—in the very place where we feel the hurry, the stress, the pressure or the fear. Continue reading

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And then I had to take my shorts off

I’m a very good shopper. Not only can I shop and spend money for no reason at all, but I can also connect shopping to my emotions, using shopping as a means to overcome grief, anger, exhaustion, and self-consciousness. I have walked into stores equipped with the excuses “I deserve this,” “I need this,” and “I don’t have enough,” with each excuse allowing me to justify purchase after purchase. Continue reading

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Black Friday

The tradition of Black Friday shopping seems to me to be highlighting consumerism over ALL else. This gives me pause for a few reasons, and I’m curious if other people are thinking this way… Continue reading

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