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And then I had to take my shorts off

I’m a very good shopper. Not only can I shop and spend money for no reason at all, but I can also connect shopping to my emotions, using shopping as a means to overcome grief, anger, exhaustion, and self-consciousness. I have walked into stores equipped with the excuses “I deserve this,” “I need this,” and “I don’t have enough,” with each excuse allowing me to justify purchase after purchase. Continue reading

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Who do you wear?

Kanye West spent his premier appearance on Kim’s reality show insulting her choice of clothing. Then, because this is what any loving boy-friend would do, West threw out her clothes and paid for a whole new wardrobe fit to his own liking.
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What Are You Wearing?

Last week I mentioned some of my views on the ethics in the clothing industry. This week, as a follow-up, I want to touch on a different aspect: the environmental impact of what we wear. Again I challenge us to consider how we respond to our call to care for creation, in what we are wearing. Continue reading

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When a good deal is NOT a good deal

As much as I like a good deal, I try to make sure that my purchases are ethical. A $10 t-shirt may seem like a great deal, but in light of the garment factory fires we’re hearing about in Bangladesh, what is the real price of that shirt? Is it worth it? Is it Christian? Continue reading

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