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You and me

It is an interesting and useful question to ask what part of who we are is nature and what part is nurture… But maybe the more important question for our daily movement through God’s world is what part of ourselves is only possible because of the person in front of us, at this very moment? Continue reading

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The “O” word

Obedience is the straight path, the road to freeing the imprisoned will from the Pharaoh of ME. Trying times for our Church, but luckily for us, the one we are called to be obedient to has given up everything to welcome you home, your hope, your dream, his yoke is easy and his burden light, and his welcome does not exclude anyone, not even me. Continue reading

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Who do you wear?

Kanye West spent his premier appearance on Kim’s reality show insulting her choice of clothing. Then, because this is what any loving boy-friend would do, West threw out her clothes and paid for a whole new wardrobe fit to his own liking.
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