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Who are you?

Identity is so very important. May we be aware of who we are as the beloveds of God. May we also be aware that if we give in to the temptation to doubt, question, fear, exclude, fight, or ignore any of the other beloved ones, we depart from the biggest call of our lives: To love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves. Continue reading

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You and me

It is an interesting and useful question to ask what part of who we are is nature and what part is nurture… But maybe the more important question for our daily movement through God’s world is what part of ourselves is only possible because of the person in front of us, at this very moment? Continue reading

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Who do you say that you are?

How do we, the church, define and articulate ourselves and our goal? What is it that we want to be most known for, in a way that can be understood by the broader society? Continue reading

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Our efforts at being a self-made person are futile, it would seem. Maybe our work is to yield to our givenness, and to become a gift for the other. Continue reading

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The Baptism of the Lord

The Baptism of the Lord reveals to us the narrative of the beginning of the call of Jesus, and the triune presence and also reveals what baptism is for us. Continue reading

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Flesh made Word

The future of the cosmos the fulfillment of life itself, rests in our hands. It is up to us, fragile, human beings, made in His image and given the extraordinarily dangerous gift of freewill. Continue reading

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A song of peace?

How do we live a Kingdom life when faced with evil, harm, and destruction? How do we support the indiscriminate killing of persons on foreign soil without diplomacy? How do we turn the other cheek when persons walk up to shoot or run down innocent persons? Continue reading

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Wardrobe worries

Fashion. Faith. Fear. How does faith in Jesus inform how we worry about what we should wear? Does Jesus have anything to say about fashion? Continue reading

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Turning forward, looking back

I find it valuable to consider the ups and downs of life and ministry in relation to journalling. So often as a human being, I am tempted to react to the moment – the point in time, where I may experience joy or hurt, and have that shape my day and my response. Continue reading

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Pondering God’s presence

What are your touch-points to reach God? How do you settle your heart amid joy and grief? How does God encounter you and open you up over the years? Continue reading

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