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Citizens of Heaven stand, first, in God’s Country. We stand in a place where love is the law, and where compassion is the exercise of that law. We stand in a place where justice and mercy are never contradictory, and where glory and humility are mirrored in each other. Continue reading

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St. Peter and uncertainty

There is nothing benign about this. Love prevails. Continue reading

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A frowning friend

Jesus is the most terrifying of friends. Continue reading

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What are the odds?

I was born January 15, 1986, 13 weeks premature. Like most premature babies I had underdeveloped lungs and was required to be put on a vent. Another common trauma faced by many preemies are brain bleeds. I was no exception, and suffered a significant bleed in the right hemisphere of the brain. Continue reading

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Tell me where it hurts

Nobody likes pain. But pain serves a useful purpose. Sadly, what works with pointy stick and rocks doesn’t work with emotional pain. Continue reading

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Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

In the meantime, we are called to live out life here on earth and we do so with a choice. A choice to choose between fear or hope. Maybe that sounds like a weak declaration to some of you, but I have nothing else. And I think it is enough. Continue reading

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Wardrobe worries

Fashion. Faith. Fear. How does faith in Jesus inform how we worry about what we should wear? Does Jesus have anything to say about fashion? Continue reading

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“Who are they that fear the Lord?”

The bible often tells us to fear God. In biblical context, fear is defined as: “Regard (God) with reverence and awe.” It is a deep respect that God wants, not anxiety. Continue reading

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