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A sidewalk birth

Just as the 911 dispatcher was saying those words nobody ever wants to hear (“I am now going to walk you through how to deliver this baby”), my phone froze, cutting off any further guidance that could have been offered. […] It took a few hours (maybe a few days) for my heart to stop racing and to realize that I had indeed been part of a miracle. Continue reading

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What are the odds?

I was born January 15, 1986, 13 weeks premature. Like most premature babies I had underdeveloped lungs and was required to be put on a vent. Another common trauma faced by many preemies are brain bleeds. I was no exception, and suffered a significant bleed in the right hemisphere of the brain. Continue reading

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Birth pangs

While she is in labor, a woman is transferring her control over the life she has held within her, and when it emerges from the birth canal, it begins its life in the world relying on its own power. A non-violent transition of power. It is possible. Continue reading

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It’s a Boy!

How will you celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby? Continue reading

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The Battle of the Babies

While the Chinese calendar marks 2013 as the year of the Snake, personally, I think it is the year of the Baby. Well, two babies to be exact; two very high profile babies. Continue reading

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