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Needles, 911, and a wake-up call

Last Wednesday night, our evening worship was brought to a grinding halt by a medical emergency, and I had a powerful encounter with Jesus—although I didn’t know it at the time. Continue reading

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What are the odds?

I was born January 15, 1986, 13 weeks premature. Like most premature babies I had underdeveloped lungs and was required to be put on a vent. Another common trauma faced by many preemies are brain bleeds. I was no exception, and suffered a significant bleed in the right hemisphere of the brain. Continue reading

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Tell me where it hurts

Nobody likes pain. But pain serves a useful purpose. Sadly, what works with pointy stick and rocks doesn’t work with emotional pain. Continue reading

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The story of P***ed-off Pat: channelling the anger of parishioners into missional transformation

In a moment of reactionary anger, I made the mistake of saying: “How can you talk to a priest in this way?” The moment the words left my mouth I knew the mistake I had made. Pissed-off Pat wasn’t going to let me hide behind my title or the respect that I assumed I should have, because the truth of the situation was that I had done nothing to earn this respect in his eyes. Continue reading

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Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

In the meantime, we are called to live out life here on earth and we do so with a choice. A choice to choose between fear or hope. Maybe that sounds like a weak declaration to some of you, but I have nothing else. And I think it is enough. Continue reading

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(dis)Unity: the broken body on campus

Call me naïve, but I’ve been consistently surprised by the lack of unity between different Christian groups on campus. Continue reading

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July 7, 2013 Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Sometimes, our task is to force the powers that be to recognize they are not above the law or humanity. No corporation, no government, no agency has a divine right to use the law or money to exploit others. Continue reading

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June 9, 2013 Third Sunday after Pentecost

Any time there is a widow or an orphan in a story, it’s time to pay attention. From the most vulnerable in Scripture, we learn a lot about trust and faithfulness. Continue reading

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Greening Your Sunday School

As Christian Educators it is our responsibility to help the children make the connection between faith, stewardship, and environmental awareness. There are many ways to do this, but before we start thinking about lessons and projects I believe we need to take a good look at the way we do Sunday school. Do our learning areas and group sessions model environmentally responsible practices? Do we show our care for God’s creation by our choices of activities and the way we use materials? Continue reading

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White Tulip

There are a lot of television shows that deal with the topics of love, forgiveness, and redemption. However, for my taste, none have done so as poignantly or beautifully as the recently ended series “Fringe.” Continue reading

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