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The story of P***ed-off Pat: channelling the anger of parishioners into missional transformation

In a moment of reactionary anger, I made the mistake of saying: “How can you talk to a priest in this way?” The moment the words left my mouth I knew the mistake I had made. Pissed-off Pat wasn’t going to let me hide behind my title or the respect that I assumed I should have, because the truth of the situation was that I had done nothing to earn this respect in his eyes. Continue reading

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Being a reconciliation bad*ss

“For Jesus!” It sounded like a battle cry. I shouted ‘For Jesus!’ too. Continue reading

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May life not simply go on

I wanted to yell out of my window, “Don’t you know what has happened here this week?” “Don’t you know you are naively walking on the very same spot of the road where a Women’s Warrior Dance erupted a mere 72 hours ago?” “Don’t you know that Indigenous peoples of this country and those who are standing beside them are here this week declaring the hope for a world that will change?” Continue reading

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May 31: how beautiful are the feet…

And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!” Continue reading

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Sacred Fire: Opening Ceremonies TRC Ottawa

The Rev. Riscylla Walsh Shaw considers Sacred Fire as she moves into the TRC’s closing events in Ottawa. She offers this poem: Continue reading

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May 30: “Grandson, they are starting to see us.”

Last night’s speakers invited us to envision a new relationship. I can only fall on my knees and be grateful that the door to reconciliation is still open and that if all who live on this land can see that it is open, may enter it with willing and grateful hearts Continue reading

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TRC Closing Events: this book cannot be rushed

During the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Closing events, May 31-June 3, 2015, The Rev. Riscylla Shaw and Ms. Henriette Thomson, The Anglican Church of Canada’s Director, Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice will be blogging about their shared experience. Continue reading

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Now you just listen to me!…Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost Sept. 7, 2014

For Jesus there is no room for vengeance, revenge or seeing anyone, not even the offender, “knocked down a few pegs.” Continue reading

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We are Forgiven – But Do We Repent?

Despite what we hear in advertisements, the whole world does not revolve around our individual needs. Most time we know when we have fallen into sin. Can we have the courage to do what our baptismal covenant calls us to as repent of those sins? Do we trust that God loves us even when we fall short? Continue reading

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