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Soul singing

Three weeks ago, I went with friends and strangers, on a pilgrimage to Iona. As I settled in on the island, and explored the community, the liturgy, and the space, I heard of the lore of the island. It is not unlike Newfoundland and Labrador, and surrounding isles. Continue reading

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Salt, Soup Sunday and a YES vote | Dream project blog: part eight

That is what this has always been about: it’s not about Grace’s survival or St. George’s growth. It’s not about downsizing or upsizing. It’s not even about a whole community finding a new home. It’s about the hope and expectation that there are so many others out there who need to hear the invitation to find their place at the table. Continue reading

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St. Peter and uncertainty

There is nothing benign about this. Love prevails. Continue reading

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Are we in uncharted waters? Dream project blog: part seven

Uncharted water is the course of the church. Period. We can remind one another of the lessons we have learned along the way that allow us to find joy and peace and chart our course, even on the choppy waters of life and even into—and, yes, out of—the eye of the storm. Continue reading

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Plant a Tree

The conviction that progress will continue and that things can only get better makes planting trees easier. It’s easier to work on building the right kind of world when it seems like all our efforts will yield a harvest sevenfold or tenfold. But what happens to our desire to plant trees when the bad guy wins? Or when death wipes out the gains of a lifetime? What happens to us when we see that progress may in fact be reversed? That all we’ve built may be lost? Continue reading

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Being a reconciliation bad*ss

“For Jesus!” It sounded like a battle cry. I shouted ‘For Jesus!’ too. Continue reading

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Take, O Take Me As I Am

I believe we are called to live and respond as spiritual people in this world, and for me that means living my life according to the baptismal promises. This at times requires me to respond as a mirror, and reflect the faith of the church community back to the world. Other times this requires me to respond as a window, so that others can see through me, the presence of Jesus. Continue reading

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Locked in fear

The blessing of the Easter message is returning to me. Returning to the resurrection, receiving God’s peace, being present in the reality of the world’s experience, is where I should be. There I will unlock my doors, there Christ will encounter me. Continue reading

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Frosty morn and slushy mess

Life and ministry this week have seemed to have come to a grinding halt in so many ways. Amid the changes and challenges of winter weather, amid the ups and downs of the changing of liturgical seasons, I have said goodbye to a dear friend, whom many of you would have read about in a previous post. Continue reading

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Damnatio memoriae

The events in Ottawa last week still resonate with many across this country. In the public, political, social, and religious spheres, there is much conversation, as many work through the shock and reality of the death of a soldier and gunman in our nation’s capital. Continue reading

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