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Do things ever really change?

September has drawn to a close, and the hustle and bustle of getting back into the routines of life seems to be lessening. Things seem to have settled into predictable patterns for so many whom I encounter in my life. … Continue reading

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Soul singing

Three weeks ago, I went with friends and strangers, on a pilgrimage to Iona. As I settled in on the island, and explored the community, the liturgy, and the space, I heard of the lore of the island. It is not unlike Newfoundland and Labrador, and surrounding isles. Continue reading

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I love snow days!

There is something reclaimed on snow days, something that has slipped away from our grasp without our realizing it, and for just an instant when the watches and warnings start to file in from Environment Canada, about which we are reminded. I will religious words to describe what it is that we’ve lost: Sabbath, festival, congregation. Continue reading

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Love’s Prerequisite

It is an individualistic and self-focused world that has made our love for ourselves a criteria for loving our Lord and our neighbours. Scripture, however, says no such thing. Continue reading

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Living beatitudes

How do the Beatitudes speak to our life as Christians in this world that is so often turned upside down, and in which fear and hate seem to run wild? Continue reading

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Bearing frustration

What do you do when you get frustrated? When someone says something that just gets under your skin, what do you do? Do you let them have it? Do you air your grievance to the world? Continue reading

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Gutter balls and the love of neighbour

We sometimes miss just how radical Jesus’ teaching was. If I truly loved my neighbour as myself, shouldn’t I rejoice in another child’s high score, just as much as my son’s? Continue reading

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Holy lovesickness

Think about your travels to your church on Sunday morning; As you travel along a route so familiar, approaching the church building in those early hours of Sunday, do you expect that you will be in the presence of God? Continue reading

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Obeying rules

Have you ever written a learning plan? Maybe a work Development document? What about a financial budget? If we find it beneficial to write these types of documents for school, work, and finances, then why not write one for our spiritual life? Continue reading

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You and me

It is an interesting and useful question to ask what part of who we are is nature and what part is nurture… But maybe the more important question for our daily movement through God’s world is what part of ourselves is only possible because of the person in front of us, at this very moment? Continue reading

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