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Living beatitudes

How do the Beatitudes speak to our life as Christians in this world that is so often turned upside down, and in which fear and hate seem to run wild? Continue reading

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Preaching tragedy

I want to pose a question: Is a 13 minute sermon on the latest tragedy in the world helpful or edifying for the church? What do you think when a preacher ‘preaches tragedy’? Continue reading

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On power and politics and stepping off

Every single human being is involved in both power and politics. That means that all of us who live out our lives in the church are too and we can’t pretend to be exempt. The question for us is how followers of Jesus should practice power and politics. Continue reading

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Resurrection commune-ism?

Is it possible that it was exactly the power of the Spirit that enabled communalism where “No one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common?” Continue reading

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The Art of Translation

How will the world know of our great hope if we do not tell them? How will they hear us if we do not speak their language? Only the art of translation will welcome them home to this great story. Continue reading

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