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The Holy Spirit is upon us. Are you ready for a surprise? Continue reading

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Pentecost: have we missed the point?

We like to say that Pentecost is the birthday of the church? But what if we missed the point? What if Pentecost is not a celebration of our own existence? Continue reading

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Resurrection commune-ism?

Is it possible that it was exactly the power of the Spirit that enabled communalism where “No one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common?” Continue reading

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Water & Spirit baptism (Proper 1)

Perhaps rather than asking “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became a believer?” a more useful question today would be: “Is the Spirit presently active in your life… and how?” Continue reading

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Preaching Advent 3: Christmas needs Pentecost

We tell children that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. But the specialness of that birthday, above all others, remains hidden until we tell the rest of his story, particularly Pentecost. Continue reading

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“Pentecost” in John: You Send Me

Jesus said “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”
So how is that? Continue reading

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Where is God?

As the Rev. Peter Harris, rector of the Cathedral, stepped into the pulpit, she pointed at him, pulled my head down and, in her toddler shout whisper, asked, “Is that God?” Continue reading

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The Spirit Is Moving

Reflecting on my first meeting at the Council of General Synod, I believe that the church will continue to thrive in its mission because we are here in faithful response to the movement of the Spirit amongst us. Continue reading

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A Chaplaincy Parable

The Holy Spirit, it would seem, is up to something ridiculous. I’m beginning to notice a pattern: whenever I have a solid life plan in front of me, I suddenly find myself somewhere else entirely. Continue reading

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Pentecost Joy

It’s Pentecost! Yipeee! I love everything about Pentecost, the colours, the stories, and the joy. This Sunday of all Sundays invites us to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit with all the joy and enthusiasm we can muster! Enjoy your celebration with the children and don’t forget to affirm that the Holy Spirit is with us now. Here are two children’s talks for Pentecost Sunday and a few resources to enhance your celebrations. Continue reading

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