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Discipleship in 4 easy steps

What does Andrew’s journey to Jesus teach us about our own Discipleship? Can our journey with Jesus be seen in four easy steps? Continue reading

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Water & Spirit baptism (Proper 1)

Perhaps rather than asking “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became a believer?” a more useful question today would be: “Is the Spirit presently active in your life… and how?” Continue reading

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Inviting Newcomers to Give

Newcomers seek meaningful worship, relevant preaching, engaging fellowship and answers to life’s important questions. When we respond to their longing for a deeper understanding of discipleship, let us not forget to invite them to support the very ministry that they seek to engage. Continue reading

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Bruised, Hurt and Dirty!

I have long felt that one of the greatest enemies of the Church is respectability. Without a doubt Pope Francis is pointing out one of the ways in which we allow respectability to get in the way of doing the work of Jesus. It is not pleasant to consider being the bruised, the hurting, and the dirty followers of Jesus. Our structures give us a false sense of security and certainly reinforce our desire to sit in our comfortable pew. Continue reading

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“All you need is…”

As I renew my baptismal vows at tonight’s Easter vigil, I will reflect on the gift of love that has been quietly present and waiting for us throughout our lives, and I will align myself with the spirit that infused the lives of Christ’s first disciples, who came to know love and decided to accept its cross so that others could also partake. Continue reading

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Children’s ministry – Resources for Lent

he season of Lent beckons us on a journey of discipleship. The Lenten texts remind us of God’s unwavering love as we find the courage to look truthfully at ourselves and make changes. It is a time of preparation and reflection. It is also a challenging season for those of us involved in Christian Education. Some of the Lenten themes and stories are difficult, especially for younger children. How can we help them embrace the rich traditions and stories of Lent? How can we help provide an experience of Lent that will be meaningful for them? Continue reading

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Towards a Strangely Compelling Church

If our congregations are to become more attractive in any meaningful way, it will require more than some sort of ecclesial cosmetic makeover. Rather, what is called for is a renewed way of being church… Continue reading

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Cultivating Hope

God gave birth to the New Creation and inaugurated the fulfillment of all things in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since the first days of the church, Christians allowing this living hope to shape their perspectives, priorities and practices have realized renewed vision and vitality in their life together, even in the most trying of circumstances. Continue reading

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