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Over your dead body

I hope death will not be soon for any of us, but it will happen at some point. So while we are living here on this earth we have a choice to make: to deny or embrace the responsibility we have as watershed disciples, even over our dead bodies. Continue reading

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Demographic change isn’t coming. It’s here!

Canada has reached a milestone. For the first time in its nearly 150 year history, the number of seniors is greater than the number of children. Continue reading

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Entitlement and creation

Dominion over something that was never ours to begin with, or domination over something to which we feel entitled? If I believe that all of creation, everything that makes up the material universe living and not, springs from the same source, have I reckoned the cost of what I want on that creation? Have I considered that it too is loved by God and have I treated it with love? Continue reading

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The mathematics of tithing

Jesus knew that the money is able to exert an intoxicating pull over us. Like a rival deity it demands an emotional attachment. Continue reading

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Make giving regular, reliable and real

I have a confession to make; I’m not a tither. After you get over the shock that the Director of Stewardship Development for the diocese of Toronto does not set aside ten percent of his gross or net income for the ministry of the church, let me qualify my statement. Continue reading

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Generosity 101

The vast majority of newcomers to our churches have never had any contact with us. The concept of Christian stewardship is entirely remote from their life experience. To help with the orientation, I’d like to reflect on perhaps the most frequent question I hear: “why should I give?” Continue reading

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Resurrection commune-ism?

Is it possible that it was exactly the power of the Spirit that enabled communalism where “No one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common?” Continue reading

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Money and the church

Money ought not be simply an instrument with which to buy things, but an instrument through which we respond to God’s grace and love through our own generosity. Continue reading

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Ten really good reasons to give

If we were to turn this mindset of scarcity on its head, we would encounter all kinds of reasons why people should give—and give up front, before everything else takes priority. As a stewardship educator, I am convinced that people want to give. Continue reading

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Turning forward, looking back

I find it valuable to consider the ups and downs of life and ministry in relation to journalling. So often as a human being, I am tempted to react to the moment – the point in time, where I may experience joy or hurt, and have that shape my day and my response. Continue reading

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