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Lessons in humility from the bike saddle

God reveals and promises the possibility of extraordinary change: replacing our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh, transforming our instinct for self-preservation with an instinct instead for God’s love. Continue reading

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Do things ever really change?

In the moving of life, we wrestle with God born within us, and God raised from death. In these two mysteries which we believe are reality, we find ways to return, to move, breathe, and grow. Continue reading

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Who is it for?

The danger in forgetting that our perspective is limited is that we risk creating a community of faith that serves and fits people who share that perspective. Continue reading

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Living beatitudes

How do the Beatitudes speak to our life as Christians in this world that is so often turned upside down, and in which fear and hate seem to run wild? Continue reading

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Discipleship in 4 easy steps

What does Andrew’s journey to Jesus teach us about our own Discipleship? Can our journey with Jesus be seen in four easy steps? Continue reading

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Ring true?

May this mystery, revealed in vulnerability and lowliness turn our reasonableness upside down so that we can tenderly embrace our own lowliness and boldly love one another. After all, no matter how big, bad, and reasonable you are, when your heart is broken open, a toy phone rings true. Continue reading

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Filling the space

Is our theology a little bit of substance, and a bunch of extra space, fitted into someone else’s standard size? If so, how do we respond to that? Continue reading

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Open wide

Like a parent feeding a child, sometimes the blessings of God may seem unappetizing to us. Sometimes, God’s blessings look more like stained carrots than bags full of candy. Continue reading

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Doubt and grace

In my family, we have a saying that we referred to often when it felt like life is falling apart: “Things have a habit of working out.” But of course, this saying is only a nudge, it isn’t the full truth. Life does sometimes fall apart. But “God is not helpless among the ruins.” Things don’t always work out. But there is grace. Continue reading

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The divine singing

God’s song is always being sung. Sometimes we don’t hear it through the noise of our lives. Yet the outer and inner chaos of life never stops the singing, nor does it thwart the loving presence of God. Continue reading

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