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When in Rome

Travel is a recurring theme in the holy stories of our tradition. Jesus intuitively understood that the ministry to which God was calling him required that he give up the comfort and security of a home base to live as a nomadic teacher. Continue reading

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Family meals

The Eucharist is a family meal: despite earthly imperfections, it is a place where all are welcome and wanted and part of the family. Continue reading

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Doubt and grace

In my family, we have a saying that we referred to often when it felt like life is falling apart: “Things have a habit of working out.” But of course, this saying is only a nudge, it isn’t the full truth. Life does sometimes fall apart. But “God is not helpless among the ruins.” Things don’t always work out. But there is grace. Continue reading

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Top three (unconventional) tips for church shopping

I certainly know people who have church shopped prayerfully and faithfully and have found a community where they have been able to put down nourishing and long-lasting roots. But I also know that approaching church as just one more consumer choice in a whole life of soul-destroying consumer choices can lead to worship communities that become bound, not to the life and sacrifice and resurrection revealed in Jesus, but to meeting a wide variety of individual consumer preferences. Continue reading

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Time for dinner! Mark 3:20-35

Jesus’s mother always knows that Jesus is the Messiah. Could it be that Jesus’s family is not jealous of the time he is spending with the crowds, but genuinely afraid for Him, his safety, maybe even His sanity? Continue reading

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Trying to control the vertical and the horizontal

“What did your parents do to keep you guys in church?” was once asked of my wife Rachel and me by a priest who was disappointed to see his children who were about our age not show any interest in maintaining a regular church life. We didn’t really know how to respond. Continue reading

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Write a review…

Thinking for a summer’s day: if you were asked to review your parish church, what would you say? Continue reading

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I told you never to call me here

“Are you answering work email?” I was. It was about 9:30, and my wife, son and I had just returned home from evening prayer. It been out the door shortly after 5am to prepare for a 7:30 meeting, and a day filled with the usual mix of church and communications. And she called me on it. Continue reading

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The Eucharist has become a kind of anchor for me—a reaffirmation of what my faith ‘boils down to’. Continue reading

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As we enter this season of Lent my prayer is that we will take seriously the opportunity to look inside ourselves and allow God to use this time to prepare us well for Easter – to look with joy towards celebrating God’s redemption through Christ’s death and resurrection. Continue reading

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