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Time for dinner! Mark 3:20-35

Jesus’s mother always knows that Jesus is the Messiah. Could it be that Jesus’s family is not jealous of the time he is spending with the crowds, but genuinely afraid for Him, his safety, maybe even His sanity? Continue reading

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Lord, teach us to pray.

Were you ever taught how to pray? Were you ever taught what prayer is, or why we are called to pray? Were you ever showed how to listen for God’s answer? What if we echoed the question posed by the disciples “Lord, teach us to pray”? Continue reading

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Might our ‘Love of the World’ Challenge God’s Love for Us?

The hardest part of this lesson for me is to regularly remind myself that my faith is only as strong as I understand it to be imperfect–and in that imperfection, I can never know that it is ‘more’ or ‘better’ than anyone else’s. Continue reading

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What game will you play?

Do you remember the classic childhood game ‘Telephone’? You know the one. It stars one speaker, a message, and a room full of eager recipients. One by one the message is transmitted down the line where it emerges at the end confused and distorted. Continue reading

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