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The battle

No act of policy or government action can overcome a people who act with compassion in all things. And no act of policy or government action will be a victory if compassion is the cost. Continue reading

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See no evil, hear no evil… tweet no evil?

Our reach through social media is far greater than our reach in person, on the average day. One negative comment overheard at brunch can cast a harsh impression to those at the neighbouring table; one negative tweet or Facebook post may be seen by our friends and our friends’ friends – and as comments continue it might be re-posted to people we’ve never even met. See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil: and Tweet no Evil, for the love of the church. Continue reading

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If you wouldn’t put it on a shirt…

Do we think about the ramifications of what we post on line? How much do we ‘own’ the images we post, or the words that we say? As parents, are we being thoughtful and responsible about what we chose to post on-line? Continue reading

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February 1, 2015: Don’t make me unfriend you

In these days of friending and unfriending and selective news gathering it is easy to shut out the voices of those with whom we disagree. But what if we are shutting out the Word of God, only because we do not like what we hear? Continue reading

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Three steps forward, two steps back

There are so many ways in which we as individuals and communities can share the negative aspects of life. We can focus on the dance that causes us to take steps backward. Conversely, we can move forward, and remind ourselves that the steps backward are balanced, and I believe overcompensated by the forward steps we take together in community when we stand with others in need and provide the justice that God intends for them. Continue reading

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For the beauty of creation – Litter Skeet?

How can we sing hymns extolling the beauty of creation, the goodness of all that God has given us, while degrading it each and every step of the way? Continue reading

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Social Media Sunday: October 25, 2015

Social Media Sunday. It’s a thing. Or at least it could be, this June, in your parish. Continue reading

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Social Media as Community

Often, students “do community” via social networking using the same content but different methods as they did when I was in school: they share ideas, plan projects, and exchange movies or recipes. They create insiders and outsiders (as every community does). Continue reading

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The Social Media Gospel

“I probably know what you’re thinking,” writes Lutheran pastor @Rev_David, in the introduction to Meredith Gould’s new book, The Social Media Gospel, “…I don’t have time for this.” Continue reading

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Picturing the Self

Just recently, The Pope himself has engaged this trend. You can read a report of this here. Needless to say, this says something about the cultural weight behind this trend. After all, when both the theological and Celebrity spectrums of my twitter feed speak of the same event, you have to know there is something to it!
Continue reading

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