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Abundant life

Regardless of how we might choose to ignore it, or put it off, or live, all of us are going to die. Continue reading

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Dry Bones Living: International Students & Faith

What is God teaching us from these passionate brothers and sisters from across the globe? I see in my international students dry bones living. When Ezekiel stood looking over the valley of dry bones, he had no idea what God would do to make them live. And since the days of the prophet, God has been using all kinds of unexpected things to breath new life into God’s Church. I am excited by the challenge and growth I see being birthed among new Canadians and looking forward to seeing where they take us. Continue reading

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Smudged Yet Speaking Signs

On Sunday, the people of the Church of the Nativity shared in making the ashes for Ash Wednesday together during coffee hour–and many were moved in new ways by participating in this aspect of what death and new life look like. How are you involved in helping others connect with the good news of the paschal mystery? Continue reading

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“Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

This sentence, heard during the imposition of ashes, invites us to think of the past and the future, and to live fully in this moment. It’s this moment in which I can decide how to live, how to respond to the gifts of this life, how to engage with those around me. It’s this moment when I can choose to celebrate grace coursing through the world, or choose to ignore it. It’s this moment in which I can do something good. Continue reading

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As we enter this season of Lent my prayer is that we will take seriously the opportunity to look inside ourselves and allow God to use this time to prepare us well for Easter – to look with joy towards celebrating God’s redemption through Christ’s death and resurrection. Continue reading

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February 13, 2013 Ash Wednesday

It is encouraging to start our Lenten journey together, because Lent can easily become a very singular season. Continue reading

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Burning Palms

I like watching the flames dance as the palms writhe and curl and blacken before their edges turn white and they cease to burn. I like this moment of preparation that, as much as Ash Wednesday, helps me prepare to keep a holy Lent. Continue reading

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Audibly and Impressively

I enjoyed a year as a priest-in-charge of one of the more Anglo-Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Niagara. Its forms of worship were new to me, and I had to spend much time preparing for the ceremonies that were so important to that community. That meant reading and re-reading the great book that leaves no detail unwritten concerning one form of Anglo-Catholic customs: Ritual Notes.
Continue reading

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