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Preparing for Holy Week

Traditions vary widely about what services are held and look like throughout Holy Week, and clerics, worship committees, altar guilds, choirs, those preparing orders of service, and many more are diligently getting ready! What are some of your favourite traditions of the week? How does it look and feel in the context of your community? Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution

May our resolution be that 2017 be for us all a year of prayer, a year of engagement with our creator, a year of blessing. Continue reading

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Living baptism

How often do you think of your baptism? Is it just a rite you remember, or is it something you are continually called into? Continue reading

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Branches and coats: Palm Sunday 2015

If you prepare the liturgy well, there is no need to preach, except to draw people’s focus to the liturgy. Continue reading

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Pray without ceasing: The Daily Office

The Liturgy Task Force of Faith, Worship, and Ministry is working on revisions to our authorized liturgical texts. In this entry, Task Force member Richard Leggett provides some background on practices of daily prayer, and introduces a new resource for Morning and Evening Prayer Continue reading

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I do. We will. I will, with God’s help.

In a text the other day, I wrote to a friend, “Remember to care for self as you care for others.” As I typed the words, I paused, then added, “Says he who has difficulty practicing what he preaches.” For me this is so true. Continue reading

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On authorization

We are not encouraging anything outside of what is agreed order and right procedure in any diocese. But we do want to collect all that is available, all that the church is willing to share with us from parishes, dioceses, theological schools, conference and retreat centres, and religious houses. Continue reading

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The worship in Faith, Worship, and Ministry

What in our present collection of authorized texts for eucharist and baptism is groaning at you for revision? Why is that? What’s lacking and why does it feel to you that there is lack?—and remember that other questions are going to follow soon! Continue reading

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Go Big and Get Home!

However we begin to address the mystery of the Ascension, we must come to the realization that it is a part of the journey of Jesus, and thus can be celebrated as a part of our faith journey encounter, each and every year. I use this time to make this the “king of feasts” for our parish, inviting parishioners and newcomers to come home, and celebrate. Continue reading

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A modest wondering about the Feast of the Ascension

I wonder if it’s time for Canadian Anglicans to ask some serious questions about how we keep the principal feast of the Ascension. With attendance at weekday Eucharists on the wane in many places, and us keeping all but one of the other major feasts on Sundays, is it time to wonder the same about Ascension Day? Continue reading

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