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Preparing for Holy Week

Traditions vary widely about what services are held and look like throughout Holy Week, and clerics, worship committees, altar guilds, choirs, those preparing orders of service, and many more are diligently getting ready! What are some of your favourite traditions of the week? How does it look and feel in the context of your community? Continue reading

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“Let this cup pass from me”

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, France and Turkey, in the face of those who betray us, the shocking invitation to share His cup becomes all the more unfathomable. Surely, it is natural to desire self-preservation, perhaps even to strike at those who would strike us first. Continue reading

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Unprovoked act of kindness

Last week, I was on the receiving end of an act of unprovoked kindness. It made me uncomfortable. We count ourselves fundamentally unworthy. It is the basic state of affairs for the modern individual: to pride ourselves on being self-made… and to deep down consider ourselves fundamentally inadequate. Continue reading

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Nail it to the cross

It is a terribly clichéd Christian statement, touted out as a quick and easy response to human suffering, or sometimes as a humorous barb at someone who is being too melodramatic about their difficulties. And yet… Continue reading

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A whole lot of hoopala

Don’t we love proof-texting our position? Hey, I’m willing to follow, but as long as it is according to my liberated understanding and doesn’t ask me to let go of my precious beliefs, aspirations, and righteousness. He’s on my side anyway. Continue reading

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The one I have not read yet

The soup is starting to steam. Above the stove, I glance at the crucifix I put there. The crucifixion is an account told endlessly since it occurred. Those two familiar lines—one crossing the other. Today when I look at the cross I see one line that represents time, the other that shows me place. The truth of Christ meets us in the exact time and place in which we find ourselves. So, the way to deeply understand the Gospels is to read them and read them again. Continue reading

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Branches and coats: Palm Sunday 2015

If you prepare the liturgy well, there is no need to preach, except to draw people’s focus to the liturgy. Continue reading

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April 20, 2014: Easter Sunday

It’s not enough to articulate Christian hope as something propositional and doctrinal, we need to do it in such a way as to provoke real longing. We want our people to reach out through the cloud of unknowing, the fog of humanness or horizon of knowledge (pick your vocabulary) with a pure gesture of reaching, stretching loving. Continue reading

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“Let my prayer be set forth in your sight as incense”

May we all have a peaceful, prayerful, and meaningful Holy Week; may we all journey forward upheld in prayer. Continue reading

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A Not-So-Holy Week (exams!)

The Christian story is not one which ignores the painful experiences of real life. It is one in which God descends down, all the way into those darkest places with us so that we can be healed by the overcoming power of new life. It is an old, old, story which we experience anew during this holiest of weeks and even in the midst of finals. Continue reading

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