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My holidays give me so much light. And where I stay tells a tale of so much diverse life in the light. My bed and breakfast is beautiful and faces the boardwalk of the beach. But it is not isolated. Beside the B&B is a place called Phoenix house which is a place for men to stay as they recover from addiction. And beside that is the “Shul on the Beach”. Continue reading

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Crossing the River

This day our walk was cut short, for two thirds of the way down, the path became immersed in water. Though we wanted to continue (and one was able), the pattern of our journey was impeded by the river. The only way to continue would be to cross the river. Continue reading

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Holy Week 2013

Many of us carry our preaching through Holy Week, and it is often closely tied to our liturgies. Continue reading

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March 24, 2013 Palm Sunday / Sunday of the Passion

One of the difficult themes of Palm Sunday and throughout this week is of Jesus’ suffering. I wonder how you preach about this? Continue reading

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Talking With children about Jesus’ Death

As a Christian Educator I have struggled to find the best way to explore Jesus’ death with children. This story is central to our faith and yet it is definitely not a suitable subject for younger ones. How can we retell this story for them without dwelling on the violence? How do we stay faithful to the scriptures and present the story in age appropriate ways? How do we even begin to explain its significance? Continue reading

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Holy Week and Children

Holy Week is a time of fear, awe, and wonder for us as adults. How do we share that with the children in our parishes? How do we help them to experience the journey that Jesus made from Palm Sunday to Good Friday to Easter Sunday? Continue reading

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Walking to Jerusalem

On Sunday morning, the question in our youth’s curiosity box was “Where was Joseph when Jesus was on the cross?” It’s a timely question: last Monday was the Holy Day of Saint Joseph of Nazareth, and this past Sunday was the beginning of Passiontide, for those using the calendar in the Book of Common Prayer. Our faces are set toward Jerusalem as we draw closer to the Triduum, the Great Three Days that are at the core of how we as Church remember and make present liturgically God’s saving acts. And yet, how we keep Lent continues to change and evolve. Continue reading

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