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Holiday greeting showdown

What do we do in this complicated world that keeps telling us that we must get offended by the wrong holiday greeting? Continue reading

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My holidays give me so much light. And where I stay tells a tale of so much diverse life in the light. My bed and breakfast is beautiful and faces the boardwalk of the beach. But it is not isolated. Beside the B&B is a place called Phoenix house which is a place for men to stay as they recover from addiction. And beside that is the “Shul on the Beach”. Continue reading

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De-Santafying Christmas

Before we hit yet another run of people asking our son what he hopes Santa will bring him, here are three reasons why Santa doesn’t visit our house.
Continue reading

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Happy Victoria Day!

This holiday Monday, I challenged myself not to do something difference in order to make this day holy, but to keep it as normal as possible and to seek out the holy moments within it. Continue reading

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