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Is anyone listening?

The world’s voice can be oh so loud, yet even in the midst of it God calls out to us. His voice can be heard. God invites us to prepare a place for Him in the deep centre of our lives—in the very place where we feel the hurry, the stress, the pressure or the fear. Continue reading

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Outing Santa

Yet what disturbs me about this article, and in truth what disturbs me about the whole dynamic of a Santa-focused Holiday, is the complaint that in some manner Tatton-Brown ‘ruined Christmas. Continue reading

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De-Santafying Christmas

Before we hit yet another run of people asking our son what he hopes Santa will bring him, here are three reasons why Santa doesn’t visit our house.
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Christmas BEFORE Advent?!

At the university, Christmas begins before I have even pulled the Advent wreath out of storage! The distance between observing the church year, and the cultural celebration of Christmas is emphasized…And yet, here I am, the Anglican priest on campus, fully participating in all of the Christmas revelry. Continue reading

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