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I renounce them

If it really is so difficult to personify evil, then why is it so easy to personify good? I mean, if, with a good chuckle, we can point out that demons are just pre-scientific ways of explaining mental illness, addiction etc., should we not just as easily chuckle at ideas of God as a person? Continue reading

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Be spirited

Breathe deeply today. Be Spirited. Continue reading

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But probably not today

Can we, who do not live in most ways as if the appointed time is growing short, hear in chapter 7 an invitation to the same kind of freedom that Paul was writing about last week in chapter 6? Continue reading

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Dear Christian trolls of the Internet

Christian troll, you are better than this. Be who you are: trolling is not the ministry to which you were called, and a troll is not the person God created you to be. Continue reading

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The Spirit Is Moving

Reflecting on my first meeting at the Council of General Synod, I believe that the church will continue to thrive in its mission because we are here in faithful response to the movement of the Spirit amongst us. Continue reading

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June 23, 2013 Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

This can be a good Sunday to reinforce some your ideas about the Holy Spirit you may have preached on Pentecost Sunday. Continue reading

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De-Santafying Christmas

Before we hit yet another run of people asking our son what he hopes Santa will bring him, here are three reasons why Santa doesn’t visit our house.
Continue reading

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Body and Spirit

Today I prayed about nausea. Continue reading

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Celebrating the Spirit in Good News Stories

Let’s go in the ordinary world – delighting in the celebration of the Pentecost – delight in God’s power to make the ordinary extraordinary. Continue reading

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