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The Gospel according to Disney

I felt rejuvenated and refreshed by Disney. But where was prayer, and where was encounter, in my vacation? How very secular to claim renewal after a week of privileged consumerist pleasure. What is our responsibility as Christians living in and with the Empire anyway? Continue reading

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Buying the magic

Do I regret taking my children to a Disney production on March Break? Readers may judge, but I will no doubt invest in other shamelessly corporate production consumables, imagining that a modern day parent has to give in to some of the junk. But I’m glad that I have a people and a prayer to which I can turn (repent) in order to receive true sustenance. Continue reading

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But probably not today

Can we, who do not live in most ways as if the appointed time is growing short, hear in chapter 7 an invitation to the same kind of freedom that Paul was writing about last week in chapter 6? Continue reading

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What Are We Teaching Children About Desires?

“Christianity takes desire seriously, far more seriously than the Stoic or the mere hedonist. Christianity refuses to budge from the fact that man was made for pleasure, that his beginning and his end is a paradise, and the goal of living is to find Life…Christianity recognizes that we have desire gone mad within us. But it does not seek to rectify the problem by killing desire, rather, it seeks the healing of the desire, just as it seeks the healing of every other part of our human being.” Continue reading

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