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The cable company and the Kingdom of God

Where do multiple calls to technical support, hours of frustration, and accusations of fraud lead? In the grand scheme of things, it seems that the dehumanizing nature of corporate culture calls us to consider the Gospel in the choices we make: because “to be human is to be marked for and by love.” Continue reading

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Dear Christian trolls of the Internet

Christian troll, you are better than this. Be who you are: trolling is not the ministry to which you were called, and a troll is not the person God created you to be. Continue reading

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Hanging out for Worship

From down south, or from their hospital bed, each individual is able to speak their “Amen’s” and render their “Hallelujah’s.” In heart, in soul, and in voice, they are part of the congregation that gathers on Wednesday morning. They just aren’t there physically. Continue reading

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A Moment in Time

I find myself wondering about our desire to cling to everything from ideas to interpretations, language to liturgy, style to song. The Church is no stranger to moments in time. Continue reading

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Top Notch tips from Vancouver

As we talked about ministry from music to Facebook, Randy pulled up a document that he provides to New Westminster parishes as they compose or revise their websites. Below, you’ll find Randy Murray’s “top notch tips.” Do you find them helpful? Let us know! Continue reading

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