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Spring decorating

First, the church exists to worship God in Jesus Christ. Second, the Church exists to make new disciples of Jesus Christ. Everything else is decoration. Continue reading

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What did you just say?

At the root of it, language is sacred as a tool for revealing truth, whether that’s empirical data, spiritual truth, truer relationship, or a truer sense of ourselves. Sometimes, those truths will be revealed not by the specificity of the words, but by the way they are used. And sometimes, it will be as simple as speaking true words, earnestly. Continue reading

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Puzzling It Out

The language we use, based on our Christian perspectives, can be a puzzle to some folks. Our liturgies are full of language and traditions that many may not know or understand, and I think we need to recognize how these may seem to others. Continue reading

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A Moment in Time

I find myself wondering about our desire to cling to everything from ideas to interpretations, language to liturgy, style to song. The Church is no stranger to moments in time. Continue reading

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Community-Specific Language

The other day I received an e-mail from a friend studying philosophy at the University of Victoria. He wrote: “Kyle, I want you to help me prove the existence of God.” . My response to his question was:
“That depends on what God you are talking about. . . .
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It’s always impressive to see when people are willing to make an effort in order to communicate well. Continue reading

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