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Tell me where it hurts

Nobody likes pain. But pain serves a useful purpose. Sadly, what works with pointy stick and rocks doesn’t work with emotional pain. Continue reading

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What did you just say?

At the root of it, language is sacred as a tool for revealing truth, whether that’s empirical data, spiritual truth, truer relationship, or a truer sense of ourselves. Sometimes, those truths will be revealed not by the specificity of the words, but by the way they are used. And sometimes, it will be as simple as speaking true words, earnestly. Continue reading

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Jian part II – learnings

Jian Ghomeshi is a monster…. a friend at dinner last night referenced the word monster as sharing a common root with the word monstrance – it holds up for us something that is important to see. And in the seeing, there is learning. Continue reading

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I know there is a talented and famous man who has had his world crumble around him. I know that this man is deserving of prayer. I know that there are women who are probably equally talented who, as yet, have no name, who have also lost something of great value. And these women are in need of prayer too. Continue reading

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How Do We Protect the Children?

What would you do if you witnessed a parent spanking a young child for misbehaving in church?What are ways we as church can protect children from abusive behavior without also alienating parents? It sends a terrible message if child learns by silence or non-intervention that church (still) tolerates beating people in God’s name. Continue reading

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