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What did you just say?

At the root of it, language is sacred as a tool for revealing truth, whether that’s empirical data, spiritual truth, truer relationship, or a truer sense of ourselves. Sometimes, those truths will be revealed not by the specificity of the words, but by the way they are used. And sometimes, it will be as simple as speaking true words, earnestly. Continue reading

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3rd after Pentecost: anointing the rejects

The story of the anointing of David is a gift for preachers of narrative and we get a tiny glimpse into the psyche of Samuel; that great king maker who stands as the transitional figure between the times of the Judges and the times of the Kings of Israel. If we remember that Mary’s Magnificat is a reiteration of Hannah’s praise we get the idea the Samuel like Jesus was expected to upset the world order. Continue reading

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November 2, 2014-All Saints’ Day: “Blessed” sinners and saints

With the daily rise and fall of personalities, I wonder if sainthood is something any of us truly want to claim for ourselves. Does any one of us want to be the holder of such a lofty title, from which it is so easy…and so far…to fall away? Continue reading

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New Opportunity for Young adults

Perhaps you have finished university and aren’t sure of the next steps. Perhaps you need to take some time to explore what direction you want to go. Or perhaps this just sounds like an awesome way to spend a year living in community, learning with other young adults and sharing some amazing outdoor experiences. Continue reading

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Power and Weakness; Respect, Authority, and Responsibility

Leadership within the church community is tough. It can be no better in any area of business, education, politics, or industry where leaders are about serving and caring for the responsibility to which they have been entrusted. Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

What’s your story? What story do you find yourself in? Are you the star of the story, or a member of the cast? How do you see yourself, and how do you relate to others in your life? Continue reading

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