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The one I have not read yet

The soup is starting to steam. Above the stove, I glance at the crucifix I put there. The crucifixion is an account told endlessly since it occurred. Those two familiar lines—one crossing the other. Today when I look at the cross I see one line that represents time, the other that shows me place. The truth of Christ meets us in the exact time and place in which we find ourselves. So, the way to deeply understand the Gospels is to read them and read them again. Continue reading

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I am sad for a world which is seen (and then presented as the only viable possibility) as so narrow. I am sad for all of the wonder and joy and mystery that I want to share with my children and how inadequate it sometimes feels I am for the task, how many voices will fight against me to blind their eyesight, which even now is still capable of picking up on magic and responding with awe. Continue reading

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Stories & The Story

I’m more and more convinced that the deliberate reading and taking in of good stories is an essential tool in shaping our children. Good stories give us glimpses of what it means to be truly human. Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

What’s your story? What story do you find yourself in? Are you the star of the story, or a member of the cast? How do you see yourself, and how do you relate to others in your life? Continue reading

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Retelling the Story of Holy Week

One of the best ways to help children learn our faith stories is to encourage them to retell the stories in their own way. They might act them out, use puppets and/or small toy figures, draw a cartoon strip, or even produce a video. whatever method you use it is important to encourage the children to use their own words as this makes the story come alive for them. Continue reading

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Do you know a child that doesn’t enjoy listening to a story? Children of all ages love listening to stories and will demand to have their favorites read again and again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the children in our congregations clamoured to hear the stories of their faith over and over? Storytelling is an essential skill for anyone in Christian Education. Being able to retell a Bible story really well makes for a memorable experience and brings a story to life. How do we do this? Is it just a matter of finding a good children’s Bible and reading it aloud, or is there more to it than that? Continue reading

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The TBR shelf

A good book is an opportunity not to hide from the world, but to see the world reflected through a new lens. They offer me ways to explore the so-called ‘secular’ and recognise the glimpses of the gospel that are peeking through. There are stories just waiting to be read… so I’ll always have a TBR shelf – a symbol of the promise for new joys that the good news can bring. Continue reading

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Celebrating the Spirit in Good News Stories

Let’s go in the ordinary world – delighting in the celebration of the Pentecost – delight in God’s power to make the ordinary extraordinary. Continue reading

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