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‘Who do you say that you are?’

“Christian” is a word that this world still needs. What it means is something this world desperately still needs. I don’t want this word to lose all its meaning. I don’t want to cede it to people whose primary agenda is resisting social change or reinforcing existing power structures. Continue reading

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The ‘easy fix’

We want to be helpful. We want to be loving. We want things to be better. Yet as Christians we’re called to look beyond the ‘easy fix.’ Continue reading

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Editing our children’s reality

It is inevitable that we as parents will lay the foundation for the world our children are beginning to explore. We teach them what is good or bad, right or wrong, safe or dangerous. We will teach our children their first words—colours, numbers, shapes, and more. Perhaps most importantly of all, though, we as parents have the responsibility for teaching our children about God. Continue reading

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Happy Hallowe’en!

It’s Halloween! I’ve had a few recent conversations about the holiday, from the church perspective, so thought I’d share some thoughts. Continue reading

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Tell Me About Your Cross

The crosses we wear say a lot about us. The history they carry in them is just as significant as the symbolism of the cross itself. So I started asking: tell me about your cross? Continue reading

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The TBR shelf

A good book is an opportunity not to hide from the world, but to see the world reflected through a new lens. They offer me ways to explore the so-called ‘secular’ and recognise the glimpses of the gospel that are peeking through. There are stories just waiting to be read… so I’ll always have a TBR shelf – a symbol of the promise for new joys that the good news can bring. Continue reading

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