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Ring true?

May this mystery, revealed in vulnerability and lowliness turn our reasonableness upside down so that we can tenderly embrace our own lowliness and boldly love one another. After all, no matter how big, bad, and reasonable you are, when your heart is broken open, a toy phone rings true. Continue reading

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I am sad for a world which is seen (and then presented as the only viable possibility) as so narrow. I am sad for all of the wonder and joy and mystery that I want to share with my children and how inadequate it sometimes feels I am for the task, how many voices will fight against me to blind their eyesight, which even now is still capable of picking up on magic and responding with awe. Continue reading

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Talking about the Incarnation

At this time of the church year we have the opportunity to focus on the mystery and wonder of the incarnation. This is a challenging task for Christian educators. While most children will readily identify with the baby in a manger, they may have difficulty in grasping the more abstract concepts of the incarnation. So where do we start? How do we begin to introduce this topic with children? Continue reading

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