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Ring true?

May this mystery, revealed in vulnerability and lowliness turn our reasonableness upside down so that we can tenderly embrace our own lowliness and boldly love one another. After all, no matter how big, bad, and reasonable you are, when your heart is broken open, a toy phone rings true. Continue reading

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No Creed. No scriptures. No Church?

I don’t abandon the rules of sailing when I get into a sailboat. They are there to serve me as I navigate and harness the untamable powers of nature. Can we not say “no creeds means no scriptures, no Church?” Continue reading

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We believe…

More than a declaration of faith, the creed brings the community together— we, together as God’s people, declare exactly that which we believe. Continue reading

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Well, what do you expect?

Our tradition is rich with images of how the Divine breaks into the world. Some of these moments would be impossible to miss and others so easy that if we weren’t expecting them we wouldn’t see them. So, the question stands for all of us: what do you expect? Continue reading

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We believe…

The creeds are more than words on a page; they are a unifying and vibrant gift of, for, and by the church. Continue reading

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Resurrection: ‘do not hold on to me!’

The promised land of new light and wonder can only unfold if I do not hold onto many aspects that have been guiding and informing my choices up until now. Continue reading

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