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Sex: it’s a man’s world

Is it any wonder that women did not have the right to vote in provincial elections as late as 1942 in Canada? Is it shocking that women are paid less than men? Is it baffling to see extreme violence towards women across the world? It has always been about sex. Well, all about sex and men. Continue reading

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Jian part II – learnings

Jian Ghomeshi is a monster…. a friend at dinner last night referenced the word monster as sharing a common root with the word monstrance – it holds up for us something that is important to see. And in the seeing, there is learning. Continue reading

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I know there is a talented and famous man who has had his world crumble around him. I know that this man is deserving of prayer. I know that there are women who are probably equally talented who, as yet, have no name, who have also lost something of great value. And these women are in need of prayer too. Continue reading

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Pop Culture or Porn Culture?

Let’s just put it right out there; Popular Culture is pretty pornographic isn’t it? Not only are there images and explanations of explicit sexuality everywhere, it seems to be getting worse. Continue reading

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Let’s talk about SEX

Our culture likes us to think that purity is the last thing needed in any relationship. If a relationship is to be truly loving, says the culture, it must involve sex. After all why else would magazines like “Cosmo” and “Self” run endless articles of “10 ways to please your man’ and ‘Sexy secrets to heat up the bedroom!’ Continue reading

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