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Tell me where it hurts

Nobody likes pain. But pain serves a useful purpose. Sadly, what works with pointy stick and rocks doesn’t work with emotional pain. Continue reading

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The story of P***ed-off Pat: channelling the anger of parishioners into missional transformation

In a moment of reactionary anger, I made the mistake of saying: “How can you talk to a priest in this way?” The moment the words left my mouth I knew the mistake I had made. Pissed-off Pat wasn’t going to let me hide behind my title or the respect that I assumed I should have, because the truth of the situation was that I had done nothing to earn this respect in his eyes. Continue reading

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Birth pangs

While she is in labor, a woman is transferring her control over the life she has held within her, and when it emerges from the birth canal, it begins its life in the world relying on its own power. A non-violent transition of power. It is possible. Continue reading

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March 24, 2013 Palm Sunday / Sunday of the Passion

One of the difficult themes of Palm Sunday and throughout this week is of Jesus’ suffering. I wonder how you preach about this? Continue reading

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