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A promise for the hurting

There are seasons in life where everything seems to be difficult and troublesome, and sometimes In those places it is easy for us to feel that we are alone and that God has abandoned us. But is this true? Is there a promise we can cling to? Continue reading

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The story of P***ed-off Pat: channelling the anger of parishioners into missional transformation

In a moment of reactionary anger, I made the mistake of saying: “How can you talk to a priest in this way?” The moment the words left my mouth I knew the mistake I had made. Pissed-off Pat wasn’t going to let me hide behind my title or the respect that I assumed I should have, because the truth of the situation was that I had done nothing to earn this respect in his eyes. Continue reading

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Against Violence: An open letter to everyone.

I have just read about the violence committed against T.V. Food celebrity Nigella Lawson at the hands of her husband, Charles Saatchi. I am sick, and I’m angry. These stories seem to be too prevalent in our world; yet no matter how times media turns its attention to such things, you always know there are countless cases that go unspoken. Continue reading

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Against Annoying Facebook Puzzles.

Whenever we point attention to someone’s inabilities or mistakes in an air of arrogant mockery, we essentially strip them of their identity as a child of God. We declare that they are less than we are. Continue reading

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