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Does God require sacrifice?

Our Christian faith does need to be liberated from the safe realm of the private and polite and to connect our love for God with sacrificial living that dares to carry communal implications. Our devotion to the Creator should implicate our voices to speak out, our bodies to act out, for the life of the planet, the air we breathe, the water we need, the land we live on, our neighbours who are suffering. Continue reading

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Preparing for Holy Week

Traditions vary widely about what services are held and look like throughout Holy Week, and clerics, worship committees, altar guilds, choirs, those preparing orders of service, and many more are diligently getting ready! What are some of your favourite traditions of the week? How does it look and feel in the context of your community? Continue reading

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Personally collective

On Good Friday, many of us will pray a long litany of repentance. Some of that litany will apply to us individually, and some will not. Regardless, it’s possible for our collective confession to be no less real, and no less personal, than an individual one as we lift the collective brokenness of our world to God. Continue reading

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Nail it to the cross

It is a terribly clichéd Christian statement, touted out as a quick and easy response to human suffering, or sometimes as a humorous barb at someone who is being too melodramatic about their difficulties. And yet… Continue reading

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A whole lot of hoopala

Don’t we love proof-texting our position? Hey, I’m willing to follow, but as long as it is according to my liberated understanding and doesn’t ask me to let go of my precious beliefs, aspirations, and righteousness. He’s on my side anyway. Continue reading

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