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Calendar muddles

Sometimes, the date on which a particular feast day is celebrated is not cut and dry. Sometimes, the lectionary allows for creative solutions that best meet the needs of the worshipping community. How did your congregation celebrate Epiphany this year? Continue reading

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A modest wondering about the Feast of the Ascension

I wonder if it’s time for Canadian Anglicans to ask some serious questions about how we keep the principal feast of the Ascension. With attendance at weekday Eucharists on the wane in many places, and us keeping all but one of the other major feasts on Sundays, is it time to wonder the same about Ascension Day? Continue reading

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Into the Routine

How are you fitting church into your fall routine? Continue reading

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A Faithless Easter?

I was going to raise my ire in righteous indignation over the blatant hostility that this calendar takes to the holy days of Christian faith. Surely this calendar highlights this cultures subtle yet purposeful ebbing of Christian identity and story. Continue reading

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The Advent Calendar (week three)

In this third wee of our Anglican Advent Calendar, we’ll continue to celebrate mission and ministry within our beloved church, delighting in a daily treat as we count our way through Advent. Continue reading

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The Advent Calendar (week one)

This space for the next few weeks will be a different type of Advent Calendar – a countdown, to be sure. Instead of opening the door to find a little chocolate or toy, each day I’ll examine a treat/jewel of the Anglican Church. Continue reading

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Remembering the Saints

I celebrate him as a saint. I don’t mean by that statement that I think he was more than human, or that others would have recognised a halo around his head. What I do mean is that he helped me to know God more deeply both in what he taught, and in how he offered love to me and to others. Continue reading

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