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Holiness matters

Holiness matters. And it is our responsibility as Christians to find ways to express this, not just on Sunday mornings at 10, but every hour of every day; not just as words, but as actions; not as an after-thought, but as a determining influence in all we say and do. Continue reading

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The glory of ‘off’.

What do you do on your day off? What tasks and demands to do you have waiting for you? Does your to-do list seem to be an endless source of activity, but also distraction. What would happen if we truly understood the meaning behind that blessed three-letter word “Off”? Continue reading

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A Faithless Easter?

I was going to raise my ire in righteous indignation over the blatant hostility that this calendar takes to the holy days of Christian faith. Surely this calendar highlights this cultures subtle yet purposeful ebbing of Christian identity and story. Continue reading

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