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Being saved from ‘gloomy saints’

The community of faith is a community of kingdom-focused, Jesus loving, party-goers! So why do we assume that life with God is a bore? Continue reading

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Jesus Wants a Party

That’s right. Jesus wants us to party. It is Easter after all. This is not a dry day of solemn introspection. Rather, Easter is the day where the community of faith is called into being – where we are called to joyously fill the sky with our shouts of praise. Continue reading

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Pentecost Joy

It’s Pentecost! Yipeee! I love everything about Pentecost, the colours, the stories, and the joy. This Sunday of all Sundays invites us to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit with all the joy and enthusiasm we can muster! Enjoy your celebration with the children and don’t forget to affirm that the Holy Spirit is with us now. Here are two children’s talks for Pentecost Sunday and a few resources to enhance your celebrations. Continue reading

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A Faithless Easter?

I was going to raise my ire in righteous indignation over the blatant hostility that this calendar takes to the holy days of Christian faith. Surely this calendar highlights this cultures subtle yet purposeful ebbing of Christian identity and story. Continue reading

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