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Puppies, anniversaries, and the thread of life

“To everything there is a season,” goes the well-worn wisdom of Scripture, “and a time and a purpose for everything under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) These words ring as comforting and true in the liminal times, when we are crossing a threshold from one part of our lives to an obviously different part. Continue reading

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Family meals

The Eucharist is a family meal: despite earthly imperfections, it is a place where all are welcome and wanted and part of the family. Continue reading

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“The chosen”

God doesn’t “save” those who pray more fervently, or pronounce the correct creed, or destroy living cancer cells in his “chosen.” Nor does he miraculously alter the laws of nature to interfere, scold, punish, or reward. God is love. God is. Continue reading

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The first day of school, conversion and our old diner

It is something to be able to witness change. There are moments in our lives, like the first day of school, when change is palpable. Change comes like the smell of cold in the fall air, the rain that stops just before you and your little one open the front door to go. Continue reading

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How much do children need to know?

Do horrific stories such as the death of John the Baptist mean that the Gospels are meant for adults only? How well can our children know trauma? How much should they know? Continue reading

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Praying our baptismal vows (part 1)

The sacrament of baptism is more than a one-day celebration; it is a life-long commitment. Each Sunday of Lent I will offer a reflection on one of our baptismal vows. This week: “Will you continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers?”
Continue reading

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May 4, 2014: Easter 3

Cleopas has been cut to the heart and pours it out to this stranger on their way to Emmaus. He proclaims Jesus’ death, entirely unaware that he is speaking to the risen Christ. Continue reading

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The Eucharist has become a kind of anchor for me—a reaffirmation of what my faith ‘boils down to’. Continue reading

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Worshipping together, from wherever we are

Amazing. Astounding. We were surrounded by the community of believers. And while I do believe the Communion of Saints is always present, yesterday experienced something new: the gift of a community gathered in the here-and-now, despite our limitations. As one colleague said earlier today, “Limitation? What’s that?” Continue reading

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The Visit

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week doing pastoral visiting in hospitals and care homes. For some folks there’s something really special about the visitor who’s wearing a collar. As mentally and emotionally tiring these visits can be, they are spiritually uplifting. Continue reading

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