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Puppies, anniversaries, and the thread of life

“To everything there is a season,” goes the well-worn wisdom of Scripture, “and a time and a purpose for everything under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) These words ring as comforting and true in the liminal times, when we are crossing a threshold from one part of our lives to an obviously different part. Continue reading

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Abundant life

In the midst of this life we are in death; yet our Easter message promises us that in the midst of earthly death, we are in the promise of eternal, spiritual life. Continue reading

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The scent of decay

It’s not pretty this time of year. Death and endings in our lives rarely are. They look bad, they feel bad, they sound bad and sometimes they even smell bad. Our own seasons of change, transformation, and death push our senses and our hearts beyond our capacity. Sometimes it feels like we have been buried in snow with no hope of emerging. But a season never lasts forever. Continue reading

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Reward and punishment

It is easy to thank God for our blessings. But what about all those people who don’t have those blessings? Does God love them any less? Or worse, do they somehow deserve the rotten end of the stick they got? Am I blessed with rewards or privileges while God takes them away from others? Continue reading

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Praying our baptismal vows (Part 6)

The sacrament of baptism is more than a one-day celebration; it is a life-long commitment. This week: “Will you strive to safeguard the integrity of God’s creation, and respect, sustain and renew the life of the Earth?” Continue reading

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I told you never to call me here

“Are you answering work email?” I was. It was about 9:30, and my wife, son and I had just returned home from evening prayer. It been out the door shortly after 5am to prepare for a 7:30 meeting, and a day filled with the usual mix of church and communications. And she called me on it. Continue reading

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Merton, Meditation, and the Mall.

Our spirituality is not the part of our lives lived between shopping trips and coffee-shop visits. Rather our spiritual life is firmly rooted in these places and our particular interactions with them. Every place is a spiritual place, precisely because they are places that we reside. Continue reading

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