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Open wide

Like a parent feeding a child, sometimes the blessings of God may seem unappetizing to us. Sometimes, God’s blessings look more like stained carrots than bags full of candy. Continue reading

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Does Jesus want me to be happy?

What is the ultimate goal of our lives? What are we called to pursue beyond all else? Or, to ask it another way, does Jesus want us to be happy? Continue reading

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Reward and punishment

It is easy to thank God for our blessings. But what about all those people who don’t have those blessings? Does God love them any less? Or worse, do they somehow deserve the rotten end of the stick they got? Am I blessed with rewards or privileges while God takes them away from others? Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are beginning to fall! As I watch the leaves falling in the coming weeks, I will give thanks for the reminder of the blessings that fall equally gently into my life. Continue reading

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