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Church visits

In my community, church visits are done by everyone. It’s about loving and serving neighbour. It’s exactly what the church should be doing. What’s your experience of church visits? Continue reading

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Gossip: the Traditional Method of Church Communication?

I found myself asking these questions a number of years ago, after visiting a parishioner that the prayer team reported to have been rushed away in an ambulance just days before. “I was not,” she clarified, annoyed, “and perhaps the gossip team should consider minding its own business.” Continue reading

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The Visit

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week doing pastoral visiting in hospitals and care homes. For some folks there’s something really special about the visitor who’s wearing a collar. As mentally and emotionally tiring these visits can be, they are spiritually uplifting. Continue reading

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Spiritual Reflection

In what ways has this experience challenged you to rethink your spiritual and religious fundamentals, or your view of yourself as a someone giving pastoral care?
Was this event confirming, transformational, or both? How? Continue reading

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Electronic super highways and the sacred rite of book hunting

Don’t get me wrong: my library is populated with shelves of useful and necessary materials passed on by others. But you know, after the first few book loads, I realized that I couldn’t use many of the books. The world had changed. Continue reading

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