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Praying our baptismal vows (part 1)

The sacrament of baptism is more than a one-day celebration; it is a life-long commitment. Each Sunday of Lent I will offer a reflection on one of our baptismal vows. This week: “Will you continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers?”
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Just a cup

Does your church still do coffee/fellowship after church? Or are we too busy now? I wonder if even the act of ‘holding a cup’ is enough to slow us down to relate to each other. Continue reading

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Apostolic Addictions Anyone?

Easter 4. Does your church involvement make you act like an addict? Where will you get your next fix? Continue reading

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Common Prayer

Welcome to the “Common Prayer” blog. I hope you will find the content here helpful to your prayer life. My intention is to throw in some ideas and through discussion, we will all learn. And by the way, this not a place for prayer requests. Continue reading

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