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Osmosis (Summer Camp)

Perhaps it’s my reluctance to let go of summer but I’ve been thinking a lot about camp these days and how it has been an important part of our family’s life. Continue reading

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In the Breaking of Bread…

Baptism is very much a sacrament which is rooted in belonging to a wider family. We gather regularly around the table and often we hear the same stories told again and again. It is in the retelling of the stories that we come to know who we are and who we have been as a people. It is hearing those stories retold That gives us hope for our future. Simply put, we cannot know who we are and we cannot discover who we are becoming if we do not gather together as community around our table. Continue reading

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My Community

How we build community depends on how we define community – do we consider our community to be the folks we share geographical location with, work with, we socialise with, we worship with? Continue reading

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Family, Money and Good Financial Habits

As parishes, we are responsible to nurture our children of God in as many ways as possible. Do you have a good Sunday School program that helps children understand the importance of sharing, saving and spending? Are you teaching the best practices of stewardship in your youth community? Continue reading

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March 10, 2013 Fourth Sunday in Lent

What does it mean to “become the righteousness of God”? Continue reading

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