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Doubt and grace

In my family, we have a saying that we referred to often when it felt like life is falling apart: “Things have a habit of working out.” But of course, this saying is only a nudge, it isn’t the full truth. Life does sometimes fall apart. But “God is not helpless among the ruins.” Things don’t always work out. But there is grace. Continue reading

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Holy doubting

Doubt is not contrary to faith; it may well be the precondition for it. Continue reading

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How can I help you?

Our role is varied. We do everything from the weekly bulletin and answering phone calls and e-mails, to lending an ear when it’s needed, reassuring a stressed out bride, and sometimes, comforting somebody when they have lost a loved one. It is our job to be able to anticipate the needs of others before they ask, or sometimes even before they are aware they need it! Continue reading

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Doubt: God’s way of disclosing a secret

Nesting within a religion can provide a secure foothold and the firm hand of authority along the journey; yet, ultimately, the seeker must always be prepared to move on. Continue reading

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Trinity Sunday, 2014: it wasn’t a good death

Yes, I know it’s Trinity Sunday and everyone wants to jump into explaining just what that means. But before you dust off your favourite three-in-one metaphors and launch into a full-blown apologetic for the dogma of the Trinity–all clovers and trees branches and what not–you would be wise to go back and consider the crucifixion and resurrection for a minute. This will probably lead you away from doctrinal apologetics and towards proclaiming Jesus, which is always good thing. “Put down the three-leafed clover and step away, Reverend, no one needs to get hurt!” Continue reading

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An Anglican Homecoming?

Each student is different, but one common thread I notice is that students feel at home in Anglican churches because here they are free to wrestle with questions and with doubt. Their academic disciplines are welcomed into conversation with Christian thought, not opposed to it or threatened by it. Continue reading

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