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May 19, 2013 Day of Pentecost

The challenge with these readings, as with many like this, is to take this single, transformative event that became the birth of our church, and make it a real experience in the lives of Christians today and in how we share the good news as a Church. Continue reading

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May 9, 2013 Ascension of our Lord

This is far more than a story of parting of friends. It is a new revelation of God and the coming of the Holy Spirit. It is a new way of God being above all things AND in all things. Continue reading

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Will We Go, Servants Go

We are often locked inside of ourselves afraid to embrace the baptismal call that God has given us. We are often locked, into our churches afraid of what lurks beyond our walls. Jesus is calling us out of those fear filled places. I pray that we are able to embrace the doubt of Thomas and long to feel the wounds of Jesus. I pray that having felt those wounds, and having experienced the presence of the risen Christ that we might respond by GOING – into the world with the confidence of knowing that we were sent by the great Healer, Lover, & Redeemer. Continue reading

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